How does the capacitive touch mechanism of VR1.2 and the magnetic mechanism of VR1.1 differ?

How do the capacitive touch mechanism of v1.2 and the magnetic mechanism of v1.1 differ?
The magnetic input mechanism designed by Google and within our v1.1 kit interacts with the magnet INSIDE your phone that powers your phones compass.   Clicking the magnet causes a severe interruption on your phone's compass which in turn can be interpreted as a double touch of the screen by certain software.   It is important to note that the reception of this signal requires two critical things:  1) that your phones magnet is located close to the external magnet on your kit (examples: Nexus 5, Samsung S4) that the software developer wrote their app to 'listen' for that type of interaction. This function will not work with Apple devices.

The capacitive touch mechanism is designed to act like a simply finger touch of your screen.     Pulling the lever down on the side of the kit will cause a 'touch' to occur in the center of your phone screen.     This works across all touchscreen phones.    It is important to note that reception of this touch requires that the app was designed to 'listen' for that trigger.    For example, in applications designed around the magnetic (two touch) input, you will be required to click twice on your capacitive touch input to achieve 2 clicks.  

Keep in mind that not all apps are interactive and will not require these mechanisms to work. There remains a ton of work to be done by the software community to improve and standardized Virtual Reality input mechanisms.    The good news is, loads and loads of people are working on this.    Regardless of what they come up with, our Capacitive Touch System should accommodate it. 



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