What does the capacitive touch mechanism do?

What does the capacitive touch mechanism do?
Our patent pending capacitive touch mechanism acts like a finger touch on any smartphone screen.    The easiest way to think about it is to imagine your finger gently tapping the screen.   

The 'touch' is only one part of the equation.   The critical piece is on the VR software / app side.   Today (Oct. 2014), we are still in the early days of Smartphone Virtual Reality applications.    Developers are trying to figure out what types of user interaction makes sense.    These interactions can range from the double tap of the Magnetic button, to the single click of capacity touch, to point-and-stare navigation.    

What this means for you as a VR pioneer is that applications are going to vary in how they are designed to perform.    The good news is that when using our capacitive touch model you can adapt your behavior to accommodate any of the modalities above.    For apps designed around the double tap of a magnet, simply press the capacitive touch lever twice.    For those apps designed around point-and-stare, simply do just that.   Finally for apps designed around the traditional single touch, put press the capacitive touch lever once. 

The good news is content developers are rushing to figure out what works best.    We encourage you to continue to give feedback directly to your favorite app developers so they know what you'd prefer!
Basically: Not all apps work with capacitive touch. If they do you made need to press the wooden button down twice to activate the action. 



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