How do I put my Nexus 7 in the HARDcover for the first time?


Some basic instructions for your first time installing

1)     Make sure the back of your Nexus 7 is clean.  For best results, pre-clean with alcohol (make sure it is dry before moving to Step 2).

2)     Peel back the top white layer from each line of adhesive exposing the sticky side.

3)     With the cover in front of you on a flat surface, line the device up above the adhesive positioning it just barely inside (1 mm) the right edge and gently lay it into place to test the location.   Close the cover lightly to confirm alignment.   If not perfectly aligned slowly peel off the device and reposition. Once you are happy with the position, close the cover and give the HARDcover a good squeeze (like a firm handshake) all over securing the back of your Nexus 7 to the adhesive.

4)     Enjoy!



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