Does the DODOcase for iPad 3 support the rear facing camera?

Yes, when purchased with the optional camera hole.    The DODOcase for iPad 3 with camera hole will allow you to use all the camera and video features of your new iPad without removal from the case.   A hole is created and finished with a rubber seal on the back cover of the DODOcase.   No hole is created in the front cover so you'll use the camera with your case open.  


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    Jeff Dehut

    A few weeks ago I went through the Build a Dodo process and the option to add a camera hole was completely buried. After receiving my $100 iPad 3 case a friend and I scoured the Build a Dodo process to see if I missed something. There is was. I gladly would have added that as an option but completely missed it. Is there anything your support can do about that?

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