What design improvements have been made to the DODOcase bamboo tray?

The bamboo tray has been re-designed to provide a stronger and more durable platform for the iPad 2.  The walls of the tray have been made thicker.  In addition, because the iPad 2 is thinner and has a more curved back surface, we were able to reduce the points of concentrated stress by incorporating curved transitions from the flat bottom of the tray to the vertical side walls. 

It is also good to note that the iPad 2 is lighter than the original iPad, which paired with our new tray design has resulted in a DODOcase for iPad 2 with significantly improved strength and durability.


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    Dana Pope

    Thanks. Your answer basically tells me not to buy a Dodo for the original iPad. I also just found out that case adds a half pound(8) ounces, coming close to doubling the weight. Too bad, looks like a nice product. Guess that means I'll just have to go out and buy the ipad2. What a sacrifice!

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