Does the DODOcase for iPad 2 support the rear facing camera?

As of March 2012, we've added optional support of the iPad 2's camera.   During the checkout process, simply check 'camera hole' and you'll be delivered a case with a hole created in the back cover finished by a rubber seal.    This will enable you to use all the camera features of your iPad 2.   This feature is not available retroactively for any case created before March 2012.


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    Erik Bishoff Photography

    I hate to say it... because the DODOcase is GORGEOUS... but this was the breaking point for my decision to not buy your product.  I prefer to not have to remove my iPad from the case to snap a pic.  I appreciate your reasons but need something with the camera more accessible.  Please reconsider?  I'll be back if/when you do!! *bravo* *cheers*

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    Charles Johnstone

    Could you put a hole in the case for the camera?  It just needs a round hole, right?

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    David Napoli

    I thank you for your timely and thoughtful answer to this question. However...

    I also urge you to reconsider. This is a significant issue. The iPad is an elegant product. The Dodo Case is an elegant product. Popping the iPad out of the DodoCase when there is an impulse to take a quick photo is NOT an elegant solution. The fit of the device in the case is so snug and perfect (bravo!) that it actually does take a careful moment to remove and later reinsert it. And deciding to simply not use the rear facing camera much unnecessarily limits the functionality of the device. It is not something that one can really decide in advance.

    I became aware of the Dodo Case after I dropped my iPad and cracked the screen. It still works, and I still use it, protected by my Dodo Case. The first time I realized there is no hole was when I first tried to take a photo. By the time I was able to take it out of the case the opportunity was lost. After receiving your response, I was disappointed in the decision, but I understood the rationale. Nonetheless, not wanting to continue popping my damaged iPad out of the case, I decided to drill my own hole. Not very elegant, as there is naturally some fraying of the vinyl and the cardboard at the margins, and most significantly the hole is right at the edge of the insertion point for the strap. But it works. And, being on the back if the case, it is not very conspicuous. It is an 8mm hole. Ten mm would be better but again I was limited by the strap insertion.

    The Dodo Case is far superior to any other iPad case that I have seen in every aspect but this one. If you would move the strap just by a few millimeters and make the hole, there would be no reason to use any other case in my opinion. You wouldn't be "poking a hole" but "strategically placing a portal." It would still be "simple and classic," and given the beautiful work that you have already done, I am sure that you could make it elegant. And yes, I would be willing to pay a few extra dollars for the improvement. Regarding the notion that the flipped-back cover would block the lens anyway, that is a non-issue. It is plenty easy to hold open the cover in the same fluid motion that one uses to hold the iPad up to the subject.

    I do plan to get an iPad 3 soon. I would love for it to have its own Dodo case. But honestly, without that hole, I will look elsewhere, and I expect this would be a deal breaker. So please. For the good of humanity. Drill the hole.

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    John S. Cox

    I just ordered DODOcase iPad2/3 - Red  --- Order #229293. I distinctly remember checking the selection for a rear facing camera hole ( on the diagram) but the case arrived very timely doday but has no rear facing camera home. How dissappointed I am. What do I need to do to get his replaced. I called customer service but they said nobody was avaiable howerver I did leave my name and telephone #

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