Will the BOOKback work with the DODOcase for iPad?

We've tried the BOOKback with a number of other cases and it seems to work just fine.  The BookBack for iPad works especially well with the DODOcase.


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    S. Ben Melhuish

    Does this remain true with the DODOcase/BOOKback for iPad 2?

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    Jonah Smathers

    I have the new iPad and I'm wondering if it will still fit in my DODOcase if I put the BOOKback on it. I hope I hear back from you cuz I'm really thinking about getting it since there's times when I like to use my iPad without the DODOcase and having that protection would be great!

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    Mara Soss

    The BOOKback will not interfere with the iPad's fit into the DODOcase, thank you!

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