How can I track my order?

We are currently working on improving our 'Order Look up'.   Normal turn time for stock items is 7 to 12 days.  Custom made cases turn time is 3-4 weeks.  We are also revamping our manufacturing to speed these turn times up.  If your order has shipped you should have received an email with the tracking number on it (please check your spam mail to make sure we are whitelisted).  You can also always email us at to find a better order status.



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    Laurence Vincent

    I ordered my case 3 weeks ago. When does it come?

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    Hiromi Hosogane

    When will I get my ordered item?

    How long dose you send it from order usually?

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    Russel Larson

    Ho long does it take to hatch a dodo?? I ordered a custom case on November 7, 2013... It is now November 22, 2013. Still no updates. Please help.

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    I have made an order yesterday. How long it will take you guys to ship it?

    Order number is: 246096 

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    Felipe Gerhard

    The link is broken as of October 2018.

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