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What is the difference in dimensions between the DODOcase and HARDcover for iPad Mini?

Mara S.
posted this on November 06, 2012 14:54

There is a 3mm difference in "spine width" between the DODOcase and HARDcovers for the iPad Mini. - (The DODOcase for iPad Mini is slightly larger)


The HARDcover for the iPad Mini weighs 130 grams

HARDcover measurements:

  • Height - 200mm
  • Width - 140mm
  • Spine Width - 13.8 mm


The DODOcase for the iPad Mini weighs 182 grams.

DODOcase measurements:

  • Height - 210mm
  • Width - 140.2 mm
  • Spine Width - 16.8 mm


 DODOcase for iPad Mini on the Left --- HARDcover for iPad Mini is on the right

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